Friday, February 27, 2009

God is ALWAYS watching (even in the bathroom)

Goodness . . . where has the time gone . . . . I could make a long list. I know I said I'd keep up with this blog and I've failed. But honestly, I failed on purpose. I realized that I wasn't really writing this blog for me, and that was the reason. I'll quote my long lost amazing friend, Alana, I felt like my blog was becoming the "Christmas letter" where I bragged about my kids, but never wrote about the "not so good things." I decided I was better off writing my thoughts about my kids in my journal as I have been doing. Funny, when I was in high school my best friend and I kept a journal where we wrote funny thoughts and funny sayings . . . nothing has changed--only now I do it about my children.

BUT---I had to share this story about Rebekah. I knew I needed to share because it's so funny and cute and this was the easiest way to share.

Rebekah (3) had decided that she is old enough to go to the bathroom on her own with the door shut. I said, FINE BY ME!! This was fine until I noticed toilets being stopped up and the toilet paper roll shrinking much faster than normal. Yesterday I discovered why. Rebekah has been using TONS of toilet paper and shoving it in the toilet (and she knew this was wrong). I talked with her about this and asked that she leave the bathroom door open until I can be sure that she is using the "proper" amount of toilet paper.

Fast forward to last night's dinner. Aiden was telling us all about Abe Lincoln (he's been learning about him in school). We were talking about Lincoln being called Honest Abe and what honesty is. This turned into a conversation about lies which turned into a conversation about God and that God always knows what we are thinking, saying and doing. I turned to Rebekah and told her that God even sees her playing with the toilet paper in the bathroom. She didn't comment about this, but Mike and I could tell that the "wheels were churning." She didn't look too pleased.

About an hour later she was getting ready for her bath and announced that she had to go to the bathroom (actually it was a "I HAVE TO GO POO POO"). I heard her going an" d then she ran into her room where I was and showed me a small piece of toilet paper and said, "this is all that I am using Mom." I praised her for following directions and followed her back into the bathroom. She finished going to the bathroom and looked at me and with a big smile said, "Now God doesn't have to watch me while I go to the bathroom anymore."

Lets just say it took all my will not to burst into laughter. Mike and I got some huge giggles about it after the kids went to bed.


alana said...

Oh my gosh .. that is stinkin adorable!! Well, really mom, that is quite embarrassing to have someone especially God watching you go potty. Good thing that's all cleared up!
Good to see you back on your blog... glad to have you back in my life friend ..
love ya!

Meigan said...

That's a great one! I can just see the expression on Rebekah's face as the wheels were churning!